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Bridesmaids' Dresses: 2010 Trends

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"For all their hard work and dedication, don't they deserve to look their very best that day too? Of course they do; so, let's find some of the best in bridesmaid dresses for 2010."..

Bride & bridesmaids

img: Polkadot Bride (Aus.)

You have taken the time to select your most important girls to be your attendants on your wedding day. These are the girls that will help you plan and party your way to the aisle. They will stand beside you during the ceremony but will be behind you every step of the way from the engagement to the I do's and beyond. For all their hard work and dedication, don't they deserve to look their very best that day too? Of course they do; so, let's find..

..some of the best in bridesmaid dresses for 2010


Bridesmaid dresses in black will be very popular for 2010. The advantages of wearing black is that

  • it suits most skin types and is the most flattering of colours regardless of body shape.
  • Since the economic downturn, black has become a popular colour mainly because it can be worn time and again making it a perfect colour choice for brides that want to give their girls something that won't end up at the back of the closet.
  • If black is too severe for you, other monotone shades like grey and brown are very "in" too.

Impression Bridal bridesmaids dresses #1590, #1591 & #1594

Impression Bridal #1590, #1591 & #1594
ACS Formals, Moncton NB

Lynn Lugo, 'Cora' Watters 2542 Impression Bridal 1738, 1727 KITTY Crinkled Chiffon

Cocktail dresses

Short dresses are in style for bridesmaids in 2010. For reasons pertaining again to the economy, short styles are usually less expensive and they offer the bridesmaid more opportunities to wear the dress again.

Alfred Sung D440 bridesmaids dress

Alfred Sung #D440, Frocks Modern Bridesmaids, Vancouver & Calgary

Alfred Sung D440 Avalon, bridal collection #364 Aidan Mattox Taffeta Suzy Chin B2, bridesmaids collection #B2032, 'Jasmin' Cocktail Dress Thread, 'Evelyn'


Just as asymmetrical bridal gowns are very popular in 2010, so are their bridesmaid counterparts. Off the shoulder dresses offer a sleek modern look with a hint of sex appeal. If the bride is also wearing a one shoulder design the continuity will look smashing!

Sophia Tolli bridesmaids dress

Sophia Tolli collection, Lockhart's Weddings & Special Occasions, NB

Sophia Tolli Aidan Mattox Sophia Tolli Bari Jay #644.jpg Aidan Mattox After Six #6582.jpg


Sleeveless dresses paired with a shawl will continue to dominate bridesmaid dresses for yet another year. If it fits, why change it?

Romantic Bridal, bridesmaids dress 5301

Romantic Bridal #5301, ACS Formals, Moncton NB

Romantic Bridal #5301 Romantic Bridal #5328 Avalon Bridal #322 B2, bridesmaids collection #B2 CJ301 Bari Jay #644

Mismatched Dresses

(like in the top photo, above, at the beginning of the article) This is a fairly new trend for 2010 but it is one that has captured lots of brides' attention. Basically, the bride chooses the bridesmaid dress colour but allows each bridesmaid to choose her own style dress. This ensures that everyone has a dress that matches their body, personality, and taste. No unhappy bridesmaids here.

mis-matched bridesmaids dresses

mis-matched bridesmaids dresses

photo examples, Frocks Modern Bridesmaids, Vancouver & Calgary


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