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Style: Have a Very Unique Wedding

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5 Fun Personalization Ideas

Planning your wedding involves far more than just booking a hall, arranging the menu and buying a dress. A wedding is an opportunity to create a special and unforgettable event for you and for your guests. With that in mind, let's look at some ideas to help you create a truly unique wedding.

1. Personalized Signature Guest Platters

This is a perfect way to do something different at the entrance where normally a little white guest book is presented for guests to sign. Hand painted guest platters can be custom made to your specifications and include a special ceramic pen to ensure the signatures really take.

wedding cake guest signature platter

Wedding Cake Guest Signature Platter
Item: PP028 - Serendipity Crafts

Another wedding guest signature platter

"Starry Eyed Couple" Signature Platter
Item: PP088 - Serendipity Crafts

You can even take this one step further and have charger plates (placed under a dinner plate) made for each guest's table setting that can later be taken home as a wedding favour:

Personalised charger plates

June 21, 2008 reception at the Croatian Centre (Vancouver);
décor by "Only the Best Decorating"

2. Personalized Song

Many times couples really don't have one song that truly represents their relationship or perhaps, "their song" just isn't appropriate for a first dance or it's so popular they'll end up hearing it at every wedding they attend over the next year or two. If that sounds like you, fret not. You can have a song specially written just for you!!! Check these out:

3. Glass Etched Vases/Glasses

If you are planning on having glass vases as centerpieces, you may want to consider having them etched with your names and wedding date. During the course of the evening, have your DJ or MC come up with an interesting way for one guest at each table to win that centerpiece. This not only gives someone something extra to take home with them but it also adds an extra element of entertainment to the night.

wedding glass etching

2901 wedding Gift set by Angel Etchings

4. Entertainers

Speaking of adding extra entertainment to the night, hiring an artist to draw caricatures of your guests adds lots of fun to any event. Designate one area of the reception to this and have your DJ or MC tell everyone where it is. Perhaps you can combine it with a "lounge" area where your guests can mingle while waiting to have their drawings done. You can even add this theme throughout your wedding by having a different caricature of you and your fiancé as part of each table's centerpiece.

wedding guests cartoon

© Johny Caricature, Victoria

5. Interesting Cake Toppers

The cake is usually positioned next to the head table and since all eyes are on that table during the night, chances are, guests will be focused on the cake for much of the evening as well. Why not make the cake a little more interesting to look at by adding something different to its top? For example, you can add some "bling" to the cake with Swarovski crystal monogram cake topper.

© Sparkle... your Cake

Hand sculpted cake-topper figurines of the bride and groom are always fun to look at, too. They are like three dimensional caricatures of the couple! You can have them dressed in bridal attire or you can pick something that represents a hobby you share or that reflects your personality.

Personalized wedding couple cake toppers

© Mara's Cake Toppers

Your wedding should be as unique as the two of you. No two couples are identical and as such, no two weddings should be either. For lots of ideas to help you on your path to a distinctive wedding, visit the unique services category of our directory where many professionals are on hand to help you stand out during this most special event.

Story by Petroula Kletas

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