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New! Canadian Bridal Buy & Sell

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All the Wedding Classifieds from Across Canada

Some good news for every enterprising bride out there. By popular demand, we have added a new section to Check it out: Wedding classifieds / bridal buy & sell (not sure exactly what to call it yet :-)

All the wedding classifieds in Canada

No more jumping from site to site, looking for stuff..

What we have managed to do is to build a system that collects all the "wedding" and "bridal" classified ads from the major websites (Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji and Buy&Sell) and conveniently present them as one complete list, organised by your city.


That's easy.. because they're great! Especially if you 're looking for bargains, trying to plan a wedding on a tight budget, or if you 're actually trying to sell something, like sell your old gown. (to sell something, you don't need to list with us.. instead pick the site that you prefer and list with them. So, for example, list your old dress on Craigslist and then it will (almost) instantly appear of both the Craigslist site and its affiliates, as well as the classifieds.)

What can you find there?

Well, just about everything, really, including discount coupons for wedding services like videography (or whatever), but the biggest bulk of listings (and there are thousands and thousands of them..) seems to be

  • wedding dresses and gowns
  • Jewellery and wedding rings (canceled weddings??)
  • A variety of favours and invitations
  • Some great deals on décor rentals

Visit Daily and Save your Ads

The volume through these website is huge. Literally thousands of new items and offers every day. So anything older than a day or two usually disappears - drops off the list. So you should probably bookmark your city's page and visit back every day or two..

Also, for the same reason, make sure you bookmark any ad that you like. If you click on something and think you like it, it will probably not be there tomorrow - it will have been pushed off the list by new items. So make sure you bookmark it on your browser or whatever, so you can go find it later. In general though, ads older than 3-4 days get dropped off those sites anyway - so you may have to move fast to get the deal that you want.


Find These in your City..

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