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Vintage and DIY: Letterpress Invitations by Papillon Press

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Call it "old-world", "vintage", "retro".. whatever.. sometimes (indeed, most of the time) you just can't beat the feel, romance and sense of quality of something made in a traditional, manual, "analog" way..

Lanterns - wedding invitation theme

We 've been collecting DIY wedding invitation options from around Canada. We 've found everything, from digital templates to DIY kits.. the common thread was always digital mass production and "high-tech". But today, we were suprised and so very happy to find the exact opposite: Letterpress wedding invitations by Papillon Press - with available do-it-yourself options, to boot!

Meet the Papillon LetterPress

letterress embossing on a wedding invitation

Look at this close-up. See the embossing? Can you feel it under your fingers? Also, see the "naturally imperfect" ink? You 'd never get that feel with a digital print. This is what a letterpress does, i.e. an old-style mechanical, printing press. This is Papillon's specialty - the even have this cool video to show you how it's done..

nautical / beach theme wedding invitation

wedding invitation and stationary set

All Invitations © Papillon Press

How the DIY Option Works

For the DIYers, Papillon offers a letterpress printing service. This is if you would like to have your own designs printed on their letterpress. You send in your artwork and/or digital files, based on some simple guidelines and they letterpress it for you. The printing service is actually less expensive than regular-priced invitations and the couple is able to have letterpress invitations. In fact, a lot of graphic designer prefer to use this service.

The letterpress printing service costs $40/hour with a minimum of 2 hours, which includes ink mixing, paper-cutting, prep and printing. It does NOT include the cost of paper, platemaking or shipping. Turnaround is approximately 3-4 weeks. Here is a link to their DIY/Printing Service page.

Here are some examples of a recent DIY order. Clever and creative (I 'd love to see the rest of this wedding!) makes the most of the letterpress' vintage effect...

DIY wedding save the date cards on Letterpress

DIY theme wedding invitations /

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