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More 2010 Nuptial Trends from a Wedding Expert

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Every season is welcomed by new wedding trends that make their mark on a particular year or season and become the trademark look or style for that time period. With our vendor partners' feedback, we try to track the latest and greatest and most popular, as-they-happen and keep you abreast of emerging trends. Our good friend Linda of Nuptial Celebrations has been kind enough to share with us three of the outstanding trends to watch for in 2010 - and her quick response to them, making sure she always has available what everyone is asking for.. thanks Linda!

The Birdcage Veil & Feathered Look

Birdcage wedding veil with feather

What has caught my eye is the new head pieces and trend of the feathered look - duplicating the trends of the fashion runways. If you followed Dancing with the Stars, Kelly Osborne was sporting the feathered headpieces and they were adorable. Weddingstar has adapted them and you can choose to wear them alone or with the birdcage veil. We still have the traditional veils but the birdcage veil is new this year.

Wedding hair floral accessories of 2010 by Nuptial Celebrations

Floral hair accessiories from Nuptial Celebrations

The feathered look has carried over into wedding accessories as well. The "I Do..Color" - offered in 4 colour pallets – has organza layered on silk champagne to appear feathered. Topped with small pearls, the entire look is very chic! This new collection includes the guest book, pen with base pen, ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket.

Feathered wedding supplies for 2010

Feathered wedding supplies & décor, in fashion for 2010

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Do It Yourself

DIY was very popular last year and so this year, we find our personalized stationery has been expanded to 27 different styles, each offered in a variety of pallets, allowing the bride to choose the necessary stickers and labels to give it her own personal look.

DIY wedding stationary by Nuptial Celebrations

DIY wedding stationary from Nuptial Celebrations

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The Love Letter

Love-letter wedding ceremony box

wedding memories box, from Nuptial CelebrationsThe newest trend will be the addition of the Love Letter in the ceremony. Both the Bride and Groom give the officiant a love letter which each has written for the other. The letter, which is in a sealed envelope, will be put into an heirloom box - a few words are spoken and the letters are put into this box, and locked - not to be opened until some specified anniversary in the future. I like this as I am a true romantic. I always have urged my couples to write a love letter (or a poem) to each other rather than no gift at all, especially when money is getting low.

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