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Best Wedding Photographs of 2009

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17 Amazing Images to Inspire you

Best wedding photographer in Canada, 2009These are the best of the best: selected among 500+ photos submitted by our wedding photographers, across Canada, these finalists best express "the spirit of wedding" - or, rather, the "spirit of the canadian bride" (and groom!) - in 2009. Click each photo for a larger image.

(*) the photos are not "ranked" in any way. The order is totally random - just what looked nice on the page!

Pacific Grace

Pacific Grace: John Archer Photography, Brentwood Bay, BC

A fantasy shot. Melisa McFadden, married John Crandlemire on June 7th, in Victoria. The couple are from Kelowna. The photograph was taken at Ross Bay on the Victoria waterfront. It was taken a few minutes after sunset the day after the wedding actually, because the shot is only spectacular when done at sunset and on-the-day the couple were locked into the head table at their reception at that time. The old schooner is the "Pacific Grace". ~ John Archer

Loni & Todd, Aug 13th, 2009, Winnipeg

Trevor S. Brucki Photography, Winnipeg, MB

Jeff Andrews Photography, Abbotsford, BC

World champion lumberjack, Wade Stewart, and bride Cristy try to keep secure enough for me to get this shot as they stage a log rolling demonstration. Wade performs his lumberjack show daily in the summer months for tourists at this site on top of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. We staged this shot one month before their August wedding while photographing their engagement session. I stopped at a second hand store on the way to Grouse Mountain and picked up an old wedding dress, a tux and shirt, and a plastic flower bouquet - all for $25.00.To my surprise the dress and tux fit them perfectly. Just before Wade's 2:00pm show, they donned the outfits and stepped out onto the log. The winning shot was taken within 30 seconds of log rolling , and being the pros that they are, neither of them took the plunge that day. ~ Jeff Andrews

You're going down!

davina + daniel, Montréal, QC

Corrina Walker Photography, Calgary, AB

This photo is from Ryan and Kate's destination wedding in Maui, defiantly one of my favorite weddings and couple to work with. The wedding day was perfect, and the photos the next day (trash the dress session) we got some even more amazing shots. The weather was not great all week, but we worked with what we had and the gloomy windy day is what totally made this photo, along with the real romantic connection of this couple. ~ Corrina Walker

As I See It Photography, Calgary, AB

This picture of Mike and Sandy is all about perspective in my eyes. This was taken with me laying down in a large dried up puddle with a wide angle lens to create a feeling of space... yet I wanted the focus to be on their amazing passion for one another. These two are one of the most romantic couples I know of, they openly trust me and all my crazy ideas knowing they will love the end result. ~ Shelley Weber

As I See It Photography, Calgary, AB

This was a day after session in Banff Alberta. With their wedding behind them, they wanted to let loose and get some really unique and different pictures, They were up for anything! Those words are music to a photographers ears. We always have these neat ideas we want to try but it's finding the couples that let us do them. As dusk fell upon us she waded out into the lake, my hubby turned on the video light and we created some amazing images that blew them away. This will always be one of my favourite pictures. ~ Shelley Weber

B&N Photography, Mississauga, ON

Unique Images Photography, Lethbridge, AB

I met this couple when I was looking for a wedding dress. Not for myself, but for a bridal fashion shoot in B.C. Caitlin works in Ten Fashions bridal boutique and when one of my models didn't show I asked her to fill in. She brought along her fianceé, Kelowna DJ Dan Freeman, and so my fashion shoot turned into a real engagement session for them. Because they are an actual couple they brought great energy and true emotional connection to the shoot. Their wedding is in 2010 and will be awesome. ~ Mark Pawlyszyn

Lindsey on the Beach: blfStudios, Bond Freyer, Winnipeg, MB

From Lindsey & John's destination wedding, in January 2009. We like to make sure our couples have enough time during the day to just catch their breath and take it all in. This photo was one of those moments. Lindsey was sitting on the beach looking out over the water. I was shooting the boys and looked around at her sitting there and grabbed a couple shots. The look of peace and happiness on her face, and wild wind blown hair - makes this one of our favourite photos and always reminds me to make sure our couples have enough time to just sit and take it all in. (I did a white wash in post - lightroom:). ~ Bond Freyer

JAG Photography, Edmonton, AB

This picture of Paola and her father dancing during her wedding in June in Edmonton shows my favourite element of wedding photography: emotion. I decided to focus more on her father because I thought the way her dad was holding her hand, close to his heart, really showed the love and pride he feels for his daughter. ~ Jasser Abu-Giemi

Engaging Images, Ajax, ON

Wow! Just wow! That's all we have to say about Alison and Kevin's wedding...and especially the wedding party! From jumping over barriers on a horse agility track to accidentally breaking fences while posing "sexy"...this crowd really knows how to have fun! ~ Lew DSouza

Photografika, Scraborough, ON

Eric Daigle Photography, Canmore, AB

Daydream Weddings, Burnaby, BC

This wedding took place in the summer atop of Burnaby Mountain. After the ceremony we snuck Bride Kristy and Groom Travis away to the old growth, west coast trees that line the mountain road. The sun was really hot and so bright we wanted to photograph them in some soft natural light, the canopy of the trees provided the perfect cover for us. We shot them with telephoto lenses so they could act natural and we could capture this fantastic moment. One great memory we have is every couple of minutes yelling "Car!" This is as close to playing street hockey as Jen and I will ever get! ~! Amy Williams

Tofino Wave

Tofino Wave: Logan Swayze Photography, Trail, BC

The photo "Tofino Wave" was taken off Sunset Point in Tofino, BC, on September 6th, 2009. The weather broke for about 45 minutes after it had rained all morning and I was able to capture this photo of Danny Einhorn and Shannon Samler. I had seen the waves there a few minutes earlier (though the ones I saw were much smaller), so I asked them to go out there. When this wave hit, I was standing back with a long lens and thought they would be taken away!! Turns out, in that moment of the kiss, they didn't realize how big and close the wave was until I showed them the photo after!! They didnt even get wet!! Needless to say, we all left Sunset Point very happy!! ~ Logan Swayze

Scott Johnson Photography, Langley, BC

How did we pick these?

Besides the obvious artistic and minimum technical requirements (tecnique, composition, colours, creativity etc) what we ultimately looked for was (a) the simple "wow factor" - would the bride/couple frame a large format version of this photo and display it in their living-room? would it dazzle their quests? (b) the "wedding factor" - is this a great photo or a great wedding photo? Unfortunately this meant that some incredible photographs did not "make the cut", because they "could have been anywhere", not necessarily at a wedding... In short, we looked for the type of image that would make you want to do it all over again, even if you were already married :-)

(*) Multiple Winners?

One shooter actually had two photos on the list! (did you notice?) Wow.. extra kudos goes to As I See It in Calgary. We were not sure if we should "allow" this, but since during the selection process, the photos had been totally "anonymised" - they just had a serial number - it was only fair to leave them as-selected. In general, the contest was very close.. we will append a gallery of the runners-up to this article, soon; you'll see how just about everyone here had multiple finalists..


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