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Destination Weddings, Canada: The BC Gulf Islands

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It is funny how we search far and wide to find the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination when in reality, we have some of the most spectacular locations right here in Canada. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, we Canadians are spoiled with an abundance of natural beauty that beckons visitors from all over the world to our shores just to experience a little bit of it.

Gulf Island destination wedding

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

One such corner of the country that truly merits acknowledgment is the gulf island region of southern British Columbia. Boasting some of the best climates and most picturesque scenery in Canada, the gulf islands enjoy a serene existence nestled between the mainland and Vancouver Island.

Naturally romantic, Saturna Island wedding

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

Three Real Weddings in the Gulf Islands

Nancy Angermeyer, of Angermeyer Photography in Saturna has lent her talents to these three island weddings and shares with us the touches that each of these couples used to make their destination wedding unique and unforgettable.

Deanne & Merv - Pender Island

"Another beautiful Poets Cove wedding. They are always fun to shoot."..

Deanne & Merv, with the deer on Pender Island

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

Poets Cove, on picturesque Pender Island, home to the world renowned Poets Cove Resort & Spa, lent its charm to this destination wedding, making it not only romantic but truly west coast. This happy couple used their surroundings to make the day extra special..

The happy groom, overlooking Poets Cove, on Pender Island

On the beach, on Pender Island, BC

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

Amanda & Paul - Mayne Island

"There is a lovely garden which the bride and groom were married in. A small intimate wedding with animal noises all around. Everyone got to meet the animals and hang around with them."

Amanda & paul's garden wedding

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

This recent Mayne island wedding takes us to the Mayne Island animal RESTQ sanctuary. This old yoga retreat has been turned into an animal rescue with plenty of animals on hand to witness the nuptials, if your family can't make it over!

This particular couple enjoyed their wedding by adding lots of their personality to the day:

Paul's wedding lego :-0

The groom, a lego enthusiast, had lego adorning all the tables and even the cake!..

Japanese train on a wedding dress

..while the bride, a Japanese language specialist, incorporated a Japanese train onto her dress.

wedding at the RESTQ sanctuary

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

Katie & Carl - Saturna Island

"It was a very bright cloudless day and the local island marriage commissioner performed the ceremony."

Katie & Carl's ocean view wedding ceremony

Saturna Island, the southern most gulf island, hosts many weddings itself. For example, East Point Saturna Island and the fog alarm building is and excellent spot, for here marks the spot for the boundary waters between the U.S. and Canada. Another interesting note, this is the location where whales are often seen close to shore. Now that would make a great photo!

looking across the Georgia Straight

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

In this particular wedding, the bride's simple dress was accentuated by the dried look of the flowers which was created by leaving them in a too cold refrigerator overnight. Intentional or not, the result is stunning.

The happy bride!

If the location itself isn't inspiring enough, this couple chose a literary theme for their wedding day where the ceremony included a poetry reading and the reception allowed for guests to read excerpts from some of the couple's favourite books.

Guess games at the wedding ceremony: poetry reading!


The perfect setting for a summer island wedding..

© Angermeyer Photography, Saturna Island

The lights of the mainland or Vancouver island in the distance serve as a subtle reminder that you have temporarily left the hustle and bustle behind and are in the midst of true, natural beauty. Whether you are escaping for a romantic weekend, for a relaxing honeymoon or for taking your vows, the gulf islands will not disappoint.

Story by Petroula Kletas

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