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Modern Wedding Invitations: Ideas by Carte Blanche

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modern wedding invitations: Carte Blanche 1

Carte Blanche Design, in Toronto

Stylish, Elegant & Contemporary

The clean, "zen", modern styling in wedding invitations is definitely in. Brides, especially urban brides, seem to be moving away from the overly elaborate and ornate, lacy looks of the past. You have to be careful though: too simple can easily become too plain, boring, almost childish sometimes - one of the dangers of some of the "amateur" DIY sets..

Modern but not simplistic..

We are featuring some great examples from the portfolio of Carte Blanche Design, in Toronto, to demostrate how you can achieve the fine balance between elegance, creativity and simplicity. They're all custom: Carte Blanche Design effectively act as the couple's personal graphic designers, to create something that ideally reflects the spirit of your particular style.

modern wedding invitation ideas: Carte Blanche 2

destination wedding invitation by Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche Design, in Toronto

This last one, in particular, is just about the most perfect destination wedding invitation set we 've seen in a long while.. bright & summery, with a beach theme and all the necessary travel information incorporated in the various stationary pieces. Trés cool..

Some more Contemporary Stationary Ideas

Contemporary Invitation Contemporary yet Conservative Martini! Place Cards Winter Wedding? Another Traditional Alternative Hot-dogs & Beer

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