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Featured: DIY Wedding Invitations by Timeless Celebration

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Sylish, modern DIY Invitations

by DIY Wedding Invitations by Envelopments / Envelopments®

Editor's Pick: Do-It-Yourself Invitations Editor's Pick: 2009 DIY Wedding InvitationsWe review and experience hundreds of wedding services every week; very few have ever impressed us so thoroughly and so immediately, as Montréal-based DIY Wedding Invitations by Envelopments. Quality & value, style, presentation & attention to detail, enthusiasm, professionalism & great customer service... our kudos to them!

They actually provide a full menu of wedding services in the local Montréal market, including wedding planning, décor & rentals. But it was their online wedding invitation store (available to all canadians) that prompted us to declare them one of our Editor's Picks, for their DIY Invitation offerings.


Read our Dedicated Envelopments® Feature instead..

(complete guide, including Suppliers across Canada)

Fall wedding DIY Invitations

by DIY Wedding Invitations by Envelopments / Envelopments®

Their DIY Wedding Stationary

The DIY selection is built around on the very flexible and contemporarily-styled product line by Envelopments®. It includes all the different materials required to assemble your own wedding invitations and stationery.
  • You can choose pocketfolds, portable pockets, gatefolds, cardstock, adhesives etc. and mix-and-match them to create your own designs.
  • A pocketfold starts at $1.70, to keep it affordable for DIY couples or you can "buy bulk" and have a complete set for as low as ~$3.00-$3.50.

A Picture is a thousand words, yes?

Real Invitations: Joyce & Tyson Real Invitations: Jamie & Duncan Pocket-insert style set Personalized Set How it all fits together Real Invitations: Sarah & Andrew Real Invitations: Hayley & Tristan Real Invitations: Alice & Bryan Real Invitations: Samantha & Gunther Real Invitations: Anna & Steven

How it works

  1. You decide on your colour theme, the size and the orientation of the invitation.
  2. You select the outer layer, it can be
    • a pocketfold,
    • a portable pocket,
    • a gatefold,
    • a folded card,
    • or just a single cardstock layer.
  3. You choose a cardstock layer on which to print your invitation text.
  4. You also have to decide
    • if you want all the information on the printed invitation layer.
    • or you will have separate inserts for maps, directions, activities (for out-of-town guests) and information on the different wedding events that will be taking place.

Real DIY Invitations: Margot's Set

by DIY Wedding Invitations by Envelopments / Envelopments®

Making it Really Easy!

Chart of Invitation Parts Possible invitation arrangements #1 Possible invitation arrangements #2

Isn't this great? How much easier can it be :-)

Invitation Design for Beginners and Do-it-Yourselfers

Using the first diagram above as a guideline (click it!), you can choose to purchase as few or as many parts of the invitation as you wish. Mind you, this sample invitation consists only of paper materials. Depending on your budget and the amount of time you have, you can choose to add ribbons or even crystals to enhance the design of your invitations. (You will also need basic craft tools such as a paper cutter and adhesives to assemble the layers together)

Also, to help you get started, look at the two worksheets with different invitation styles that will give you ideas for your own invitations. From a single layer invitation to one with many different layers and inserts, as well as ribbons and crystals, mix and match the designs and you will have a personalized invitation that will surely wow your guests!

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Expert Help and Consultation

By now, you should be able to use the above practical guides to create an invitation design that matches your theme and one that will surely fit your budget, since you are the one who actually designs the invitation. But if you 're not sure yet, or can't decide on a final arrangement, no worries! A Timeless Celebration also have recipes you can follow as a starting point and then make adjustments according to your specific needs, wedding theme and ideas.

DIY  wedding invitations: pocket-style set

by DIY Wedding Invitations by Envelopments / Envelopments®

Real DIY Invitations: Johanna's Set

by DIY Wedding Invitations by Envelopments / Envelopments®

Are you in Montréal?

Lucky you! Starting this February, A Timeless Celebration will make available open-studio hours, during which you can go in and use their studio and their tools! Stay tuned to their blog for more information.

Some More DIY Stationary (thank-you, place-settings, programs..)

Reception Program Fan-shaped Reception Program Fan-shaped Reception Program Custom Event Programs Thank-you Card Personalized Thank-you Set Thank-you card Another folding Reception Program Place card More place cards Even more place cards Table number

See what we mean?

These folks make it really easy. And they seem to have thought everything through and provided clear help for every little question you may have and they're still trying to find new ways to service. Too, with all these flexible options, you are no longer limited to the cookie-cutter invitation styles that are straight out of the catalogs..

We asked Caryn and she sent us the following two testimonials:

We ordered the personalized wedding invitations. These definitely added a classy and unique touch to our wedding. It gave our wedding that special touch. and service was great!!

Caryn's price points on invites were amazing; we saved so much money going with her!! All of our guests complimented how original our invites were and how much they loved them!

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