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Aisle Runners 101: Options, Ideas & Suppliers in Canada

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White wedding aisle runner


Do you Need an Aisle Runner?

An aisle runner is a long strip of fabric (cloth or vinyl) which is placed along the path the bride will walk to reach the "altar" or her groom at the wedding ceremony.

It is typically placed on the aisle between the seats or pews but it can also be used on stairwells or in any location the bride walks to meet her awaiting groom

Aisle runners were first used long ago, before asphalt and cement, when walking on dirt was the norm. In order to protect the bride's garment from being soiled, a long piece of cloth would be placed in her path.

Nowadays, aisle runners are used for many reasons. Brides still consider it necessary for keeping the dress clean of soil etc during outdoor ceremonies. For indoor events, the aisle runner adds an extra element of decoration to the ceremony location.

Choosing the Right Aisle Runner for your Wedding


Aisle runners come in a variety of fabrics ranging from delicate silk and lace to more sturdy polyester and vinyl.

Choosing the right fabric for your wedding's aisle runner depends heavily on where the ceremony will be held. For example, outdoor ceremonies require that the runner be made of a sturdy fabric that can withstand heels on soft grass, as well as the rigor of rough cement.

Aisle runner, with floral focal point

photo: Ah, Perfect Petals ~ Floral & Decor, Vancouver

Indoor ceremonies allow for more delicate fabrics. Keep in mind, however, that if the carpeting or flooring at your venue is less than perfect, you can definitely hide their imperfections with a heavy fabric in the aisle runner. After all, the runner will only enhance the bride's appearance as she makes her way to the altar, whereas a substandard floor will distract from the overall look.

Option: Personalized Aisle Runners

For many couples, the aisle runner represents yet one more opportunity to decorate the ceremony location and add further personal touches to their event. With this in mind, they look for something special in the runner to address the décor dilemma.

Red, personalized aisle runner for the wedding ceremony

© Customized Wedding Creations, N.J.

Many find that having their initials embroidered on their runner will add personality to the event, whereas others add their personal style through embroidered embellishments or through colour. Although white or ivory are traditionally used, more and more couples are choosing to have aisle runners in a colour of their choice. For example, couples of Chinese descent often use red.

Who makes these?

  • The only Canadian supplier of personalized aisle runners that we know of (and all sorts of other personalized wedding supplies actually) is A Timeless Celebration. (see their photo in the gallery, below?) They're Montréal-based, but ship everywhere and have online ordering too..

Aisle Runner Examples

Standard Aisle Runner Standard Aisle Runner Outdoor Wedding On the Beach The Red Carpet High End Personalised Aisle Runner Eco Aisle Runner!

Rent or Buy?

After you have decided on using a runner for your ceremony, you will probably have to decide whether you will buy or rent one.
  • In many cases, your wedding planner or decorator will have access to an aisle runner and you could very easily include it as one of the services he/she will provide for you. If it is cost efficient, this might be the most convenient option.
  • Another rental option for many couples is to rent a runner or go the DIY route, which has its advantages and disadvantages.
    • Obviously, it is much cheaper to go this route.
    • However, you would have to delegate someone to set it up for you. This, of course, can get a little unsettling because you will have to make sure you find someone responsible to be at the ceremony location early enough to set it up and to stay after the nuptials to remove it and safely store it for you.
    • Also, keep in mind that there may be some fees for damage for excessive soil on the runner; so, make sure you are clear on all the costs up front.
    (Perhaps, after having calculated everything, it may end up being better for your wedding professional to deal with the entire thing, starting with the rental.)

Where to Start Looking for a Rental?

The following outfits can definitely supply you with an aisle runner:

More? Browse event rental companies in your city, in our directory or make a wedding request, asking for aile runners, let only those suppliers who stock them get back to you...

Or just Order one Online

personalized aisle runner for wedding

CLICK to view different options

Final Tips

  • If you decide you would like to make your own runner or to buy your own, make sure you are 100% clear on what type of fabric is best suited to your ceremony location. That includes the width and weight of the fabric. Also, you will have to determine the length that would cover the area you will be walking from the entrance to the altar; so make sure you buy something long enough.
  • Although purchasing your runner is often a little more expensive than renting, the major advantage of buying over renting is the personalization option. When renting a runner, you have little or no opportunity to add your personality to it.

Your ceremony will typically last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes and it is by far, the shortest segment of your wedding day. However, it is the reason you are there, is it not? Even though you may have allocated all or most of your décor budget to the reception, it is important to give some thought to the ceremony itself. An aisle runner offers an excellent opportunity to add formality, elegance, and personality to this portion of your day.

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