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Wedding Decor: Great Table Themes and Centerpieces

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Gorgeous table decor, by Vancouver's Wedding Design Studio

Wedding Design Studio, Vancouver

Centrepieces & Table Decor Inspiration

We 're working on a wedding décor story for you and going through hundreds of photos, from planners and decorators. Some of them just stand out, right away; so we save them in a folder for later. But we couldn't resist, so we picked the first dozen or so, at random to tease you! Great examples, some light, some luxe - flowers, settings, centerpieces, covers.. just general inspiration and beautiful wedding "atmosphere" to get you thinking about your event; by some of Canada's top bridal talent!

wedding table, by Principal Planner wedding consultants in Montreal

Principal Planner wedding cosultants, in Montréal

creative wedding centerpiece, by Wedding Finesse in Calgary

Probably the most intriguing arrangement in this story, by Wedding Finesse in Calgary. I wish we could have a bigger photo, or from a different angle - there so much going on here. Notice the patterns on the linen; the "oversized worry-beads" in the centerpiece (what is that?); the intricate staggered positioning of the red roses. There is probably a whole story and meaning behind this that we 're missing! I wonder what the specific theme/inspiration was.. something ethnic/cultural perhaps?

Table Décor Gallery

Summer Elegance Old World Urbanite Orchid arch centerpiece Sakura For the Holiday Season! Outside with Style Retro Chic Eco Chic? Fall Special Tall Centrepieces

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