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Wedding Fashion Trends 2010: Gown & Dress Styles

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2010 Cymbeline bridal gown

© Cymbeline, 2010

By now, New York City's fashion week has come and gone, bringing with it the hottest wedding fashion colours and styles for 2010. What's in store for the cutting edge bride this season? Check it out..

Drama and Opulence

The Ball Gown

Gone are the days of simple elegance. In 2010, bridal gowns take a turn for the dramatic.

We say good-bye to straight, slender skirts and herald-in the full on ball gown. Full bodied fabrics create big skirts while intricate details complete the look.

2010 Sincerity bridal gown 3561

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3561

2010 Bianca wedding dress by Christos Bridal

© Christos Bridal, Bianca

The Mermaid

Another dramatic line for this season is the 50's inspired "mermaid" dress. In keeping with the dramatic influence of this season's exuberant designs, a gown that is slender through the hips but flares into an exaggerated trumpet skirt will be just as popular as the full skirted ball gown.

2010 Alfredd Sung wedding gown 6707

© Alfred Sung, 2010 collection - #6707

2010 Cymbeline Paris Cantara wedding gown

© Cymbeline Paris, Cantara

2010 Cymbeline Paris chagal wedding dress

© Cymbeline Paris, Chagal



are going to be huge for 2010. Whether they are on the skirt, the bodice, or the veil, ruffles will be everywhere! Even strapless gowns will have ruffles on the neckline. Perhaps a little bolero jacket over your strapless gown is more your style? If so, the jacket must have the ruffles to make your look complete this season.

2010 Alfredd Sung wedding gown 6752

© Alfred Sung, 2010 collection - #6752

2010 Alfredd Sung wedding gown 6752

© JLM Couture, Lazaro 2010 - #3961

Eden Bridals 2335 Eden Bridals 5063 Mori Lee 35044 Eden J1014


Big draped layers in the skirts will also be popular as will three dimensional floral appliqués and pinwheels.

2010 Sincerity bridal gown 3559

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3559

2010 Sincerity wedding dress 3575

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3575

2010 Sincerity wedding dress 3573

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3573: (floral applique)

Crystal Accents

Gowns this season will also see the reappearance of crystal accents, especially on satin dresses.

2010 Sincerity wedding dress 3561

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3561

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In order to create the full and fabulous looks that will be so hot this year, designers have opted for the heavier, more luxurious fabrics like satin and taffeta.

2010 Sincerity bridal gown 3565

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3565

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Other trends?

Some 2009 favourites will still be around for 2010. For example, asymmetry is still very hot. One shoulder dresses will continue to dominate runways; however, designers have taken this popular trend and have elaborated on it further by creating dress "architecture".

2010 Cymbeline Paris Bonnie wedding dress

© Cymbeline Paris, Bonnie

Dress "architecture"?

This is just a fancy way of saying that designers are playing with fabric a lot more this year, creating much more draping and ruching (ruffles or lace trim) on bodices and skirts. Fabrics will not be left to simply hang. It will be very rare to have a dress without some sort of pleating, gathering, or folding.

2010 Alfredd Sung wedding gown 6798

© Alfred Sung, 2010 collection - #6798

2010 Sincerity bridal gown 3570

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3570

In some ways, this pleating and gathering is similar to 2009 designs, however, the soft chiffons of last year will be replaced by the heavier satins and taffeta.


Another architectural aspect in bridal gowns for 2010 will be "intentional imperfections". Vera Wang, for example, took silk organza and tulle fabrics with raw torn edges and artfully incorporated them into her gowns. This eclectic yet edgy look makes the gown look "imperfect". This imperfection is one more of the hottest trends of 2010.

2010 Vera Wang wedding dresses2010 Vera Wang wedding dresses

© Vera Wang Bridal 2010

Hot or not, your wedding dress has to fit your body, suit your style, and be comfortable enough for you to wear all day. This season's designs have given us some room to breath with fuller skirts and more detail options; however, if you are the kind of gal that prefers the straight lined dresses, fear not. There will be plenty of those in the repertoire as well. There is a little bit of everything in this year's mix; so, head out there and try some on for size...enjoy!

2010 Sincerity wedding gown 3568

© Sincerity Bridal, 2010 collection - #3568

2010 Cymbeline Paris Cadiz wedding dress

© Cymbeline Paris, Cadiz

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