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Wedding Photo Trends: Loosen Up!

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Not your Grandmother's Wedding Photos

wedding couple in fruit stand

© François Bergeron

Gone are the days where the bridal party lined up like androids, in front a green tree and photographed every possible combination of couple/parents/grandparents/bridesmaids/uncles/aunts.. like some weird project in lineology.. sure, at the end of the day, about a third of your wedding photos will be "formals", but contemporary photo albums will also include at least 30% candids and a whole lot of creative, playful moments - it is in those photographs where true emotion and the couple's connection really shines through.

Playful & Creative: Wedding Photos by François Bergeron

Montreal wedding photographer François Bergeron seems to have achieved the perfect balance, between formals, candids and playful portraiture. There is no shortage of stunning traditional shots on his website (check it out) but what really stands out is the occasional mischievious tongue-in-cheek couple moment. The four on this page caused the most smiles :-)

wedding couple in cornfield

wedding couple playing checkers

wedding couple with football

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