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A Big Band for your Wedding Reception

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What sort of music are you having at your wedding party? A DJ? A top-40 band? The wedding singer? Will everyone be happy with the music? Remember, you have to please grandma, as well as your highschool friends..

Here is a very intriguing alternative (at least if you're having a Montreal wedding reception, but there must be the equivalent groups in every other city, for sure..)

Wedding Music: Preville Big Band, Montreal

Big Band Style!

What's a "big band" you say? Good question.. well, think 40's nightclub. Lots of musicians, brass instruments, singers, jazz, rhythm, salsa.. it's tough to describe music in words. Just look at these photos and listen to the sound clips. It will make sense.

Wedding Party: Preville Big Band, Montreal

Montreal's Preville Big Band

Sound Clip #1: Kansas City
Sound Clip #2: La Vida Loca
Sound Clip #3: When I Fall in Love

Cool, no? Whether you're into this on not, you have to admit, it has a lot of style! Not every event will suit this sort of music, for sure, but depending on your theme, your crowd, your venue, it's good to know you have the option. These guys have been playing together for ever, they have performed all over and their selection is huge..

If your event is in Montreal, check out Preville Big Band. Anywhere else, well, browse through our regional Musicians listings, find a band or an egency that can source one for you.

Wedding Music: Preville Big Band, Montreal

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