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Tips & Advice by a Dove Specialist

white dove with flowergirlA dove release can add an unforgettable and romantic touch to your wedding day. The site of pure white doves ascending into the skies above is truly breathtaking. Doves are a beautiful tribute to the love you have for each other and the beginning of your new lives together. Since the beginning of time, white doves have been a symbol of peace, love and eternity.

A dove release is usually performed immediately after the bride and groom exit the church or building in which the ceremony is taking place. For the safety of the birds, they must never be released indoors. The couple takes their place next to a display set up outside, the guests exit the building and begin to gather, so that everyone has the opportunity to witness the moment. If your wedding ceremony is being held outdoors the doves may be displayed in an area of your choice throughout the ceremony, with the release taking place immediately after.

white dove release after a wedding ceremony

The doves used in releases are well cared for and trained white homing pigeons often referred to as rock doves. The birds are bred to maintain their pristine white plumage. Their natural homing instinct combined with many hours of training, enable the released birds to find their way home to their loft once they are released. The smaller white doves you see in pet stores cannot be used in a release because they are poor flyers and do not have a homing ability. They would parish in the wild.

Finding a company to handle your dove release can be a difficult yet worthwhile task. There are only a few professionals that perform releases, therefore you need to book your day well in advance in order to avoid disappointment and to ensure that your date is available.

~ Berta Vieira, Release Consultant
Willow Pond White Dove Release, Caledon ON

About Willow Pond's Dove Release Services

  • To add to the beauty of a dove release experience, we have a variety of display cages and baskets from which our clients may choose.
  • We offer set packages to make the process simpler for you but we also offer custom releases. It is your special day, so we do our best to work with you to make your release unique and special to you.
  • Your release can be as simple as a pair of doves released by the bride and groom. It can also include members of your family and bridal party.
  • We provide a poem written on a scroll that may be read by someone of your choice prior to your release. You may also choose to write your own poem or saying. This is an excellent role for a maid of honor or mother of the bride.
  • You may choose to have your brides maids and ushers release a magnificent flock of doves once your initial two doves are released.
  • We can handle the complete release for you but if you choose to personalize it by having your bridal party involved, we will always be standing by to provide direction and support during the release.

dove release at wedding

Speak to a consultant about your wishes and allow them to work with you to make your day exactly as you dream it will be. The final results are the unforgettable memories you and your guests will be left with..

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