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5 Tips for Thank You Speeches

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Writing a thank you speech for your wedding can be a little overwhelming. The key to crafting a meaningful and memorable speech is to make sure each and every word counts-and then cut out the rest.

  • Start with a "stream of consciousness" rough draft. List everything you're grateful for and the names of those who helped make it happen. Don't worry about the order of importance-you can determine that later when you refine your speech.
  • Decide how long the speech should be. If you and the groom are splitting up the speech writing evenly, be sure that each of your sections are equal in minutes rather than pages, since different handwriting/fonts can affect the length.
  • Try to avoid cliches. The easiest way to tell if you're writing is a cliche is when it comes automatically, without evoking any particular thought or feeling. Cliches such as "From the bottom of our hearts" will go in one ear and out the other.
  • Bring notes rather than trying to wing it. Since this is your wedding and not an awards show, no one will think it's presumptuous if you bring a prepared speech. (Also, you never know when you might blank on your mother-in-law's name.)
  • Refrain from overindulging. Sure, it's customary to see someone up at the podium with a glass of wine in hand. But you want your guests to remember your speech for the right reasons; i.e. "Wow-that was really touching!" rather than "Wow-that was really slurring!"

Story by Giselle Melanson

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