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Wedding Ring Purchasing Tips

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The pursuit for your ideal wedding ring should start at least six months prior to your wedding day. Custom orders may take longer, so give the wedding ring seriously time and consideration. Avoid spontaneous purchasing and devote more time to browsing. One way to begin your search is to browse Canadian jewellers in our directory. Otherwise, pick up a copy of the local wedding guide / directory magazine..


In terms of narrowing down your selection of rings, begin with price. The type of base metal decided on will be closely tied to cost. Examine your budget before you get too carried away with your preferences and opt for one of the three standard types of metals in wedding rings.

14k yellow gold is the most popular choice, durable and the least expensive of metals used in wedding rings. The price begins to rise with 18K and 24K. The same karat weight is accessible in white gold, which can be smart preference if you tend to wear silver jewelry more often as part of your daily life. Platinum is the most expensive metal, so mark it off your list if you are looking for a cost efficient option. Set your maximums and minimums before visiting a jeweller. Without doing so, you and your future partner are bound to go over your budget.


Visualize the look and feel of the band you wish, whether embellished with semi-precious stones or as a simple solid band. This is the ring you will be wearing every day and it is important that it will match your lifestyle. Are you planning on obtaining a matching set? There is no rule that says your bands must match each other. Go for what you both will be happy with.


The right sized band will slide on and tug off. It should not swivel around your finger or take excessive force to put on. Also bear in mind that during the day the size of your fingers can change. It is best to size the ring mid-day. Ask if the ring can be re-sized multiple times.

Warranty and Payment

Learn to know what characteristics that distinguish price before hand and question the jeweller's warranty policies before you commit. There may be payment plans available with the jeweller, so discuss all options.

Keep Receipts

Keep all purchase receipts, warranty policies and appraisals in a secure location. Contact and submit additional copies to your home owners' insurance agent to assure that these purchases are covered due to loss.

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