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The Case for Professional Wedding Day Makeup

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photo © Vancouver bridal makeup artist Colleen Kramm

Recently a friend of mine who is planning a fall wedding in Canada confided in me that she was worried about how she was going to look in her wedding photos. No, she's not unattractive. In fact, just the opposite. She is one of those "natural beauties", one that doesn't (gulp) need makeup. And believe it or not, that's the problem! She doesn't wear makeup and everyone else in the bridal party does. She believes this is going to affect how she looks in the pictures and of course she's right. Here's what I suggested she do..

Hire a professional makeup artist aka cosmetic specialist to guarantee a finished look that will turn heads (which is exactly what you want on your wedding day!)

Makeup artists know

  • all the techniques to achieve different looks,
  • how to maximize or minimize features,
  • how to design for definition and style,
  • have all the best quality products in your skin tone group
  • and they have all the hottest colours of the season.

That alone makes hiring a cosmetic specialist to do your wedding day makeup more than worth the typical cost of about $100. You can usually get a better deal if you get the bridal party package which ensures everyone will look picture perfect!

Story by Nancy Johnston

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