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FAQ: Wedding Dress is Too Tight!

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Frequently Asked Question: It's a week before the wedding and my dress is too tight. What can I do?

First of all, relax! I know it's stressful thinking that your wedding dress doesn't fit and you will look like a stuffed sausage on your big day. That's the last thing you want and with such little time before the wedding you are worried there is nothing you can do other than postpone the wedding or just look fat. Stop worrying right now!

There are at least three things you can do to fit in your dress by your wedding day, guaranteed..

  1. Seamstress: See a seamstress ASAP! Most will be able to let the dress out just a little bit so that it fits better. You will want to call a professional seamstress who can work with your time limitations. Most of the seamstresses who work with the boutique where you bought your dress will have their hands tied. Get recommendations from friends and family members and visit a seamstress immediately. There are many Canadian seamstresses who can help you on short notice. This could completely solve the problem!
  2. Girdle: A girdle can do a lot for you when it comes to fitting in your wedding dress. You 'll find them at bridal gown accessories stores. They can make you up to a size smaller so it's worth a try. They may not be the most comfortable garments, but they will make you look skinny in your wedding dress!
  3. Diet and Exercise: You can actually easily lose five pounds in a week with diet and exercise. You must be strict and really follow the diet while eating healthy and getting exercise. However, you can drop some of the extra pounds that will help your wedding dress fit better. Try a no-carb diet that offers quick weight loss! Just make sure you don't starve yourself or you may get sick.

These suggestions alone or in combination with one another will help your wedding dress fit perfectly on your big day. If your dress is more than one size too small, then you need to find another dress!

Laura Rupert

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