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Working together: Wedding Photography and Make-up

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We have been noticing an interesting new trend in wedding service marketplaces recently:
Wedding photographers and bridal make-up artists and hair-stylists pairing up to offer their services together. This is not the same as a wedding planner also offering invitations or a florist doing decorations. We are describing separate professionals synergising their specialties in one combined product.

Wedding Pro Vancouver: bridal make-up

Photo © Wedding Pro Vancouver

    Two recent examples:
  • Trinity Weddings in Calgary, and
  • Wedding Pro Vancouver (obviously, in Vancouver!)
  • .. both of them offering photography as well as professional make-up and hair-styling.

Trinity Weddings Calgary: bride & bridesmaids

Photo © Trinity Weddings

When you think about it, this particular pairing (wedding photographers / bridal makeup & hair) makes perfect sense, of course:

  • Photorgaphy and makeup/hair are both about making you look your best.
  • But your makeup and skin tones look different under the "naked eye" than they do under the photographer's lens, especially when flash is used. The idea that the phtographer will work with the make-up artist to ensure that the bride will look as great on film as she does in real life, has a lot of merit..

We are sure there are additional synergies and benefits for the bride that we are missing here. What do you think?
We are going to contact these vendors and ask them. Stand by one, we will get back to you on this. Follow-up article, soon.


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