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Stress Reduction: 5 Things that are OK to Forget

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Planning a wedding can get...well, there isn't another word for it: stressful. Ideas are flowing, visions are brewing. Even with the help of a wedding planner, there are so many details (no matter how large or small the shindig) that it's inevitable to feel overwhelmed. When this happens, simply breathe and reboot.

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Worrying will only lead to more of the same, so take the minimalist approach and weed out things you don't actually "need". There are many things you can't forget when it comes to your big day, but here are five things that you will be fine without (and arguably better off).

  1. Constantly updating your wedding party/family. You're the bride. No one cares about this wedding more than you. Feeling the obligation to constantly update your wedding party and family is unnecessary unless something big happens. A vendor falling through or a venue backing out is worthy, letting everyone know you've changed the font for the invitations for the third time is not.
  2. Party favours. Before the days of six-figure weddings and wedding planners, party favors were only associated with children's birthday parties. In some cultures certain items are given to each side of the family according to tradition, and even then, the decisions have been made for you. Your guests will remember the event, not the imported soap wrapped in tulle that they take home with them, so let the party do the talking (and save you some money in the process).
  3. Place cards. You do need to make sure you have enough seats for everyone in most cases, but place cards are not required. If a venue throws in a coordinator and he/she takes this upon themselves, or if you have hired a planner, great; if not, don't fret. People will sit where they want most of the time anyway (how many times have you switched place cards at a dinner party?), and at the end of the day, as long as they're fed, they're happy.
  4. The DJ. If a live band isn't your style, but you do intend on having a dance, you may be tempted to hire a DJ. DJ's will soon become a thing of the past thanks to a clever little invention called an iPod. Load you and your fiance's favorite songs, grab the dock, and rent some sound equipment (speakers will do) for about half of the price of a DJ. Press play, and get the party started, minus the obnoxious MC-ing that so many DJ's seem to become once handed a microphone.
  5. Excessive details. At the end of the day, simple always better. Obsessing over details like multiple centerpieces for different tables, attempting to micro-manage for your bridesmaids, and insisting on several types of red wine will only make your day more hectic. If you want to keep things really simple, check out a ready-made bride notebook that has spots for you to "fill out" the necessities and then add your own touches to make it a personal experience for you and your guests.

Story by Samantha Cabrera

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