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Friday Food Sampler (Sep 26, 2008)

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Hm.. our favourite part of the week is here again; when we get you all hungry before you leave the office, with pictures of yummy cullinary creations from our wedding catering and wedding cake listings :-)

Today's "menu" is completely irrational of course - we didn't even attempt to match these dishes with each other. Just giving you ideas of what's possible and more importantly what is available "out there"..

For a starter, we 'll play it safe (and west coast): "Wild Prawn Amuse Bouche", by Cullinary Capers, in Vancouver. Can't possibly go wrong with that (unless someone is allergic, of course! You should always know of your wedding guests have any food allergies and provide food alternatives. Is that part of the RSVP process? Methinks we should research and publish a story on this...)

While on the seafood theme, why not follow this up with something edgier (and east coast): This is a "Schalen Antipasty", an Italian/Dutch fusion dish, by Luisa Parlato, in .. Holland. (You didn't know we also have a dutch wedding website, did you? (In case you 're thinking "Amsterdam:, the address is

For a main course (can you possible follow two seafood dishes with something like this? We have no idea whatsoever.. but visually speaking, they'd look good together, no?) a spicy-looking west indian dish (anyone know what they call it?), by Shemela's Catering, in Scraborough ON. (Toronto seems to have all the fun in these matters..)

And for dessert, we 'll go light: a selection of cupcakes (they are becoming very trendy) from Eini & Co., in Toronto.

What do you think? For my part, I am turning this computer off and heading out early. See you next week!

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