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Beautiful Bride: 3 Simple Tips

Posted At : September 25, 2008 2:07 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 6,212
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You want to feel beautiful on your wedding day, without spending a fortune: These three simple tips will wow your groom to be, as well as your guests, no matter what you spend..

  1. Know Your Coloring: This is key for your wedding day: if you have a warm complexion, ivory is best, since it has a yellow tinge that flatters your coloring. If you are cool, pure shades of white will enhance your coloring most. By choosing exactly the right shade of white, you can maximize your beauty, however much you spend on your gown and veil...
  2. Keep It Natural: You must be careful not to go too far with makeup and hair on the big day. Sometimes natural beauty is really more striking, and it complements a gown of angelic white so well. A little rosy stain on the lips, a pinkish flush on the cheeks, a bit of mascara...will flatter you more than the heavily applied, department-store makeover look. Take some test photos and see what you prefer...
  3. Smile: There is always magic on your wedding day; some sprinkle of fairy dust that makes you, the bride, fairest in the land: trust in this radiance, and smile!

Story by Heather Matthews

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