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Wedding Cakes 101: Part I, Cake Shapes

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The wedding cake is often the focal piece at the reception. Cakes come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Though the options seem endless when choosing your wedding cake, with a little research and knowhow you can create the perfect cake that incorporates your wedding colors, style and a bit of your own personality.

This is the first installment in our weekly series, Wedding Cakes 101. Today, we will start with cake shapes. The four basic cake shapes are round, square, hexagon and petal (also known as scalloped).

    Sara's Simply Delicious - Round Wedding Cake

  • Round

    Round wedding cakes are considered the most traditional. This 5-tiered version by Sara's Simply Delicious Bakery in Nova Scotia features a white and black motif that is very trendy in evening weddings. A round cake will work for any type of wedding from the most formal to a small, casual affair.

  • Let Sweet Thea - Square Wedding Cake

  • Square

    The square wedding cake has grown in popularity in the last five years. Its shape offers a more modern look than the traditional round cake. This blue cake from Sweet Thea in Vancouver is a great it example. You can also turn each layer at an angle to give the cake a unique touch.

  • Just Temptations - Hexagon Wedding Cake

  • Hexagon

    The six-sided wedding cake is very hip. Because the shape is unique, you can keep the decorations to a minimum. This chocolate frosted hexagon cake from Just Temptations in Mississauga proves that a wedding cake doesn't need to be white to be beautiful.

  • Just Temptations - Petal Wedding Cake

  • Petal

    The petal wedding cake is made in a scalloped pan that gives the edges of the cake a sort of flower shape. These types of cakes are oftentimes popular for more casual garden weddings. However, if decorated appropriately, they also work well for a more formal wedding. This petal cake, also from Just Temptations, features tiers of alternating colors.

Other popular wedding cake shapes include heart, oval and rectangular. Molded cakes are also a terrific choice, particular for the groom's cake. These cakes are shaped to match a specific hobby or theme. For example, a basketball for the groom who is a sports fan or even a castle for a fairy tale wedding.

Crumbs Bakery - Mad Hatter Cake

One of the latest trends in wedding cakes is the topsy-turvy cake. Each tier of the cake is slanted and a different shape or size, giving it a funky yet dramatic look. These cakes are usually iced with fondant with a different color on each layer, ranging from pastels to brights. Obviously, this type of wedding cake is for a more modern wedding rather than a stuffy traditional affair. The colorful cake pictured above is by Crumbs Bakery in Maple Ridge.

Don't be afraid to mix cake shapes. For example, you can alternative between using round and square tiers, or use a hexagon shape at the base and tiers of square cake for the rest of the wedding cake.

Story by Kori Ellis

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