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Green your Wedding with your Dress

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Being green has become an important factor in the Canadian lifestyle and successfully so.

If you've made a commitment to turn your wedding green, perhaps the most difficult part will be the choices and selections available for your wedding gown. You certainly would not be interested in wearing a recycled paper bag!

Reuse and Rentals Saves Money and is Environmentally Friendly

However, you could take in consideration and re-use a gown passed down from a family member. A few nips and tucks in the design can revamp the gown to become uniquely yours.

Rental of a nearly new gown is a perfect money saver and a smart idea in doing your part to be socially conscience and maintaining a green wedding.

The Story with New Bridal Gowns

If you do have your heart set on a brand new gown, it is good to know that many designers in Canada are being confronted on environmental issues of their dresses that are made in non-friendly non-eco fabrics.

You can inspire a change by the impact of your choice. Have your dress made from organic raw materials that are grown without pesticides.

Fabrics such as lush taffeta made from corn, gossamer silk blended with hemp or even bamboo are beginning to make a serious impression in the wedding dress industry in Canada. These fabrics are becoming more available and many couture designers are integrating them into their looks on the runway.

Stay Away from White

White may be traditional, but it is not environmentally friendly. Do you realize that the white fabric became white from a toxic chemical process? So request for that non-chemically treated natural, earth-friendly fabric.

Make an Appointment for Choosing Your Gown

Cut down on travel time. Don't be too spontaneous but plan carefully by making appointments a head of time with the bridal dress salon. Let the salon know what you plan for a budget and that you want to narrow the choice to a gown that is environmentally friendly. Finally, always ask how long the appointment will run for, as this can vary.

Although the options are still limited pertaining to a totally "Green" wedding gown, the choices are more readily available to you that they were a few years ago. You can make a difference without much sacrifice and still enjoy and wear a beautiful gown on your wedding day.

Story by Veronica Shine

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