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Wedding Trends: The Dessert-Only Reception

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A popular wedding trend is the dessert only reception. If you are looking to cut wedding costs and don't want the budget of an elaborate sit-down dinner, a reception where you serve dessert only could be ideal.

This is a perfect alternative if you are planning an evening wedding. If you have a ceremony time of 7:00pm or later, it is perfectly acceptable to serve dessert only at the reception. Just be sure it's indicated on your wedding invitation so that your guests aren't expecting a full meal.

And just because you aren't serving dinner doesn't mean your reception has to be any less classy or beautiful. You can still have musicians, announcements, toasts, the garter toss and everything else. Your guests will just spend a lot more time mingling and dancing because they will spend less time eating.

Choose desserts such as cheesecake, mousses or even individual souffles. Look for dessert wines and other dessert type cocktails that complement food. Be sure to include a diabetic dessert or fresh fruit option for those guests that can't eat sugar.

For a dessert-only event, instead of traditional round tables in a brightly lit reception hall, consider a "living room" style reception instead. Set up large comfortable sofas, chaise lounges and overstuffed chairs. Dim the lighting and play swanky music while your guests munch on dessert and sip cool cocktails. It's a sophisticate yet laidback environment where everyone can get to know each other at the reception.

If you are a true romantic, play it up on your wedding day with beads, laces and feminine glamour. After all, it's the most romantic day of your life.

Story by Kori Ellis

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