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Wedding Trends: Romantic Beads and Lace

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Though some brides are choosing simpler wedding dresses these days, elaborate lace and beaded gowns are still very popular. The romance and beauty of an exquisite lace floor length gown can't be duplicated.

In fact, bridal experts say that romantic designs will be growing even more popular as we head into next season.

Debbie Welcher, owner of Chatfields Boutique says, "Woman want romantic styles. Romantic gowns reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour are hot trends heading into fall. The birdcage veil is making a huge splash. Gowns that look like they are pulled from the pages of a Jane Austin novel are also a popular trend. Larger sleeves and lots of flowing silk add more drama to the look."

However, lace, beading and feminine fabrics aren't just for wedding gowns. These glamorous touches are also carrying over into wedding decorations, invitations and more.

The feminine embellishments of lace and beads are being added to table runners and chair covers. Many couples are spending a little extra to cover the tables at their wedding reception with silky white cloths topped with lace overlays. If you are looking for an easy way to make your wedding reception a little more glitzy, keep the decorations simple but invest in renting glamorous chair covers.

When your guests enter the reception facility, one of the first things they will notice is the chair covers and the flowers. Chair covers can come in a variety of exquisite fabrics, from fancy lace to plush velvet. Use a mixture of white and red roses to complete the look.

Wedding invitations and menus are now also more intricate with lace edging, tiny crystal accents and rhinestones. Florists are adding lace and beading to vases and intermixing jewels, crystals and glitter in flower arrangements.

If you are a true romantic, play it up on your wedding day with beads, laces and feminine glamour. After all, it's the most romantic day of your life.

Story by Kori Ellis

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