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Wedding Speeches - 10 Essentials to Success

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What a day to look forward to. Being asked to speak at a Wedding is an honour, a privilege and a pleasure. But! It also can be a little nerve-racking. Whether you're the groom, best man, father of the bride or bride, making a speech can be made easier with some well chosen advice, a little help and thought.

What's so important about this speech?
A Wedding speech is often very personal and its content has to be appropriate to the person being acknowledged. Speaking in public can be a problem for some at the best of times. Many people don't give speeches regularly so they don't feel confident they can prepare or deliver their wedding speeches well enough. When it is on a day that a number of people will remember for the rest of their lives- it takes on a new significance.

What should you do to ensure your speech is well received? There is plenty of advice and suggestions in books and on the Internet about how a speech should be written and delivered. The problem is what areas do you concentrate on. The whole process can sometimes become overwhelming and quite stressful as you try to produce something, as well as perfect your delivery techniques in a short time. Most good speakers take months and sometimes years to hone their skills.

So let's ensure your speech hits the mark and is great to listen to. This is the top-10 list, on wedding speech essensials.

  1. Commit time to your speech preparation and give it your undivided attention. Don't think it will be okay to think of something on the day.
  2. Find out what the purpose of your speech is and do the bride and groom have any expectations.
  3. Ask for HELP if stuck, unsure or need guidance. Its good to get somebody else's opinion and it is only an opinion.
  4. Don't embarrass the bride or the guests.
  5. Don't think it has to be hilarious by including plenty of unrelated jokes. Try and get a balance of sincerity, real life stories and humour.
  6. Structure your speech around each area you are going to talk about. Your speech will flow better and you won't be jumping from one idea to the other. Keep it relevant and don't ramble.
  7. Don't try and be somebody you 're not. Don't think you are competing against other speakers.
  8. PRACTICE Practice. Practice enough that the words come easily.
  9. Practice in front of someone else and ask them to give you honest comment. Small adjustments in critical areas often make a major impact.
  10. Work on any nerves by concentrating on relaxing your body, controlling any physical systems and showing your really happy to be speaking by smiling and having confidence in your words.

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