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Wedding Menu Ideas: The New Manhattan Catering & Deli

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Every Friday we find our thoughts drifting towards food.. a week of reviewing wedding caterers or looking at photos of wedding cakes, will do that to a person! So we thought "why fight it"? Instead, we are going to channel our cravings into a new regular column. We are calling it the "Friday Food Sampler". Catchy, no?

wedding menu

Nothing too complicated, just photos of food! We will try to sample all of Canada, coast-to-coast, featuring everything from traditional to avant-guard, from budget to high-end. Hopefully, among all those pictures of delicious culinary crations, we will help you form a general idea of what you want served at your wedding. (Unofficially, we launched this last week with the story on Mozart Bakery and their yummy looking wedding cakes).

Wedding Catering and Cakes

wedding menu

Today's featured food is all courtesy of the home-style, smile-making flavours of Burnaby-based The New Manhattan Catering & Deli. Bon appetit!

wedding menu

wedding menu

wedding menu

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