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5 Places Not to Skimp on your Budget

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Every wedding starts with a budget. Whether it's massive or tiny, there are places you can skimp and some where you can't. Remember the key is to keep your experience of planning the wedding hassle-free and pretty painless for all involved. Skimping can sometimes mean shoddy service or money lost, if you aren't happy with the end result.

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Spend your money wisely and invest in the places that are going to matter in the end. If you downsize from five shrimp to three per person, people won't notice. If you traipse down the aisle after letting your 15 year old aspiring make-up artist of a cousin do your makeup, they definitely will. Keep your budget handy, but call in a professional when needed.

  1. Makeup- This is where many brides become overwhelmed. Either they figure the fees will be too expensive or they don't know where to begin when it comes to finding a professional makeup artist. Tip: Many makeup artists at your local department stores or makeup specialty store do freelance work. If you find a makeup artist that you click with, ask for his/her card and give them a call a few months prior to the big day. If that isn't in the cards, consider going to either place to have your makeup done pre-wedding. Depending on the amount of time you have, this can often be the most inexpensive way to have a professional apply your makeup. MAC counters and freestanding stores do complete makeup application with the purchase of $40 worth of merchandise, so get to a counter and chat until you find someone you like.
  2. Photography- This is crucial. So many times brides decide that photography is just too expensive (and arguably, it is), so they decide this will be a great place to cut corners. Not a good idea unless you want your memories to be blurry with horrible lighting. An experienced photographer (read: not a college freshman majoring in photography) knows how to work with lighting, which is a crucial to making you and your wedding party look amazing. An established company will keep your images on file for years to come, so if you can't afford that darling 8x10 because of the wedding bills, you can come back and purchase it in a few months or longer, when money isn't an issue. Many photographers even offer a CD Rom with all of your images, allowing you to print as many as you'd like on the quality of paper and type of printer that fit your budget.
  3. Undergarments- Maybe this is getting knit-picky, but uncomfortable, ill-fitting undergarments are never a good idea. Whether you're in your wedding gown or a tank top and jeans, you want quality pieces that fit correctly and conceal where needed. The best way to do this? Visit a professional. Most department stores offer free bra fittings, as do specialty lingerie stores. The smaller the establishment, the better, as they typically offer personalized service and have access to several brands. Like with shoes, different styles fit differently, so because you're a 34C in your everyday bra doesn't mean you can waltz in and purchase a 34C corset and expect it to fit like a dream. Know your options by doing research on what you need your undergarments to do for you on the big day and make this available during your consultation with a specialist.
  4. Time for the big day- If you can be flexible on the date and season of your wedding day, you will save big when it comes to money. Don't skimp on sitting down with your partner, reviewing a calendar and selecting a date. Shotgun weddings can be just as fabulous as a shindig planned three years in advance, but the three year advance gives more time for vendors and venues who will often quote a better price because the event is far away and not cutting in to their time spent on current parties.
  5. Non-wedding time- At the end of each day, remember that you are getting married and about to begin a new chapter of your life with someone you love. Don't discount alone time, and make sure you don't spend every minute fretting over excessive details. Relax, and spend time with your partner outside of wedding-related activities. It will serve your mind and body well, and have you all the more prepared for typing the knot when th day arrives.

Story by Samantha Cabrera.

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