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Vancouver wedding locations. 3 Garden spots you will love

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If your heart is set on a beautiful wedding day in Vancouver, we can help: we've compiled a useful list of three of the most stunning locations in the city, some of them very cheap and practical as well! Planning a wedding can be a little overwhelming: getting your location in place will really free you up to take care of all the other things you need to do. The perfect location sets the mood for your entire wedding, so it's very important to find a place that feels just right for you..

Vancouver is known for its gorgeous natural features: mountains flanked by majestic trees and foliage, smooth, pale beaches, and wonderful parks. Take advantage of Vancouver's natural splendor by planning your wedding around one of its lovely parks or gardens. Many of the parks in Vancouver offer a host of services and accommodations for the bride and groom to be, as well as the loveliest places to take wedding photos. If you want to share the beauty and uniqueness of Vancouver with your wedding party, consider one of the following locations for your big day:

  1. The Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park - This stunning pavilion is constructed of floor to ceiling glass, which is both lovely to look at, and wonderful protection from the elements as well! Set at the city's highest point, it provides a dramatic vista for wedding photos. Surrounded by dazzling views of Vancouver, the Pavilion seats up to 125 guests and is available year-round.
  2. Van Dusen Botanical Gardens - This famous garden is absolutely beautiful, with colorful and fragrant blossoms as far as the eye can see! The Great Lawn at Van Dusen is a romantic setting for an outdoor ceremony or reception; you can also choose Heron Lake if you prefer that area. If you select Van Dusen for your wedding, you can opt for outdoor dining under dramatic white tents. Contact their staff for pricing information.
  3. Dr. Sun-Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden - Serene and peaceful, this garden is exquisitely designed, with clever covered pavilions and walkways that protect guests from the elements. Stone tiles, ornate latticework, and bonsai trees enhance the garden's pavilions: your guests will enjoy the Zen ambiance of this timeless, classical garden. Contact the staff at Sun-Yat-Sen to request a quotation for your wedding day.

We've provided you with an overview of some unforgettable wedding locations in Vancouver. You might consider taking a day with your partner and exploring the parks and gardens, looking for that perfect setting! Make a firm decision quite early on, as bookings in spring and summer fill up quickly.

Story by Heather Matthews.

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