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5 Memorable (and cheap!) Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

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Tradition. It generally means you have to put in more work and more money for someone other than yourself. Guest gifts and favours for your wedding are like that.

How can you make an impression on your wedding guests without having a nervous breakdown?

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  1. Seeds: Seeds are very symbolic. They grow to become something more than what they are, which is quite appropriate for a wedding. Package them up nice and include a small card saying what type of plant or plants they are for, along with a note of thanks for "sharing in your special day".
  2. Charitable Donations: It can be something small, such as a commemorative coin, or a full donation made in the guest's name. It's a way to remind the guests of a cause that touches you while providing a gift they can appreciate.
  3. wedding chocolate gift

  4. Hand Made Gifts: Chocolates or baked goods are never wasted. It's a simple truth
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  6. Disposable Cameras: Some people will undoubtedly have forgotten their cameras. A disposable camera for each guest gives everyone a chance to capture their own memories of the wedding. For bonus points, ask them to send copies of their best photos to you.
  7. Handwritten Cards: You know all your guests and you invited them for a reason. A card with a small note in it shows them that you appreciate their attendance.

Remember, gifts don't need to be expensive to be meaningful. Put in some thought and knock the socks off your wedding guests.

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