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4 Cheap DIY Wedding Albums For the Modern Bride

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After you have all your beautiful wedding photos in hand, from engagement shots to photographs of the ceremony, and of course the honeymoon pictures too, you'll need an incredible way to show them off.

Thanks to abundant resources on the web, there are plenty of exciting possibilities. There is something for every budget, and every level of time and energy commitment.

DIY Wedding Albums

Here are four incredibly modern, DIY wedding albums, ideal for brides seeking creative ways to display photos of the most romantic day of her life, and doing it her way. Some of the following options are better if you're on a budget.

  1. If trying to maximize every dime, using a free program like Microsoft Photo Story for Windows is great, especially if you want to share the memories with your wedding guests.

    Photo Story and other similar software create spectacular slideshows that animate your photographs and use neat visual effects in sync with music of your choice. You can add your own words too, adding captions when you feel photos need a little extra explanation (like the fact that the random photos of the bridesmaids from behind were taken by your hormone-raging teenage cousin).

  2. Do-it-yourself Wedding Albums

  3. Alternatively, if your budget isn't too tight, opt for unique over cheap. While options like Blurb photography books are a bit more costly, they do make sensational VIP gifts for direct family or key members of the bridal party.

    Blurb is a print-on-demand company that lets you create your own hardcover coffee table book. All of the Blurb BookSmart templates are available for free on, and their easy to use process makes uploading photos a breeze. You choose the layout, add your own text, and arrange your photos however you would like.

    Blurb books start at $12.95, and while that seems pricey compared to alternatives, the quality is evident; you could not tell a Blurb book apart from a book you'd grab off the shelf in the photography section of Chapters.

    "There's no good reason why it should take tons of time, technical skills, big bucks, or friends in high places to publish a book," the site says, "Or a zillion books, for that matter."

    The founders of Blurb want to empower anyone to be an author, from cooks and photographer to pet owners and poets, and yes, even brides-to-be like you. And heck, if your mom is creative, you could even feel safe letting her handle this task!

    What you end up with is a professionally bound and printed, high quality photo album showcasing the best romantic story you'll ever know: your own.

  4. Another alternative is Viovio which also offers free software to customize everything from the cover to the sappy words capturing each memory. Viovio books start at $4.99, with each page costing only 25 cents.

  5. Photoworks also provides wedding books, although they don't offer as many customization options as the other books mentioned. They do, however, offer fun personaized photo projects, including giant canvases, so you can blow up those favourite wedding photos to represent the huge impact those moments had on your heart.

Photoworks wedding photo albums

You're a fun couple with your own sense of style, and you know shoving your wedding photographs into a generic, frilly wedding album just won't do. Instead of sticking with tradition that destines your photos to the coffee table drawer, why not display them in a way that reflects the two of you?

Not only are these DIY wedding albums great for your personal memories, but they also make fantastic keepsakes for attendees.

Story by Stella Bardot.

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