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A brilliant way to Thank your Wedding Guests

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Check out this great thank-you card idea... Many couples opt to send a wedding photo of themselves as a thank-you card but instead of just posing for a picture, we really like the shot of the bride and groom idly holding a thank-you card while being completely engrossed in each other. It reflects what all weddings should be: a love story between two people witnessed by their closest friends and family.

This amazing photograph was shot by New York wedding photographer Daniel Krieger. Here is what he had to say:

This first couple had the idea of holding up a Thank You sign and getting an iconic shot in Grand Central, so we made that happen.

After that almost all my brides ask me, "Can we do that shot as well?"

Of course I oblige and since then I've captured some other great images including this next one. But the night scene by the arch is still probably my most viewed photograph..

If we had an "Idea of the Week" segment, this one would definitely win it! Ask your photographer, wherever your wedding is, for a similar shot. Full local wedding photographers listings, in our Directory..

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