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Consignment Bridal Gowns help your Wedding Budget

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Whether you're buying or selling, consignment wedding dresses seem like a grand idea.

For starters, it is the "green" thing to do. Remember the five things you can do with your bridal gown if you do not care to keep it: Share/Sell/Trash/Recycle/Donate it.

We like "sell it" the most. It helps the seller and it helps the buyer. According to Holly Zonneveld from Treat Bridal, a consignment bridal boutique in Vancouver, a second-hand wedding dress

  • saves you money (obviously) but also
  • saves you time: since you don't have to wait for it to be made
And, of course, it doesn't have to be about a "cheap wedding". Instead of "saving" the money, you can also use it to purchase an even more expensive bridal gown..

No wonder consignment is becoming so popular.. Look in the directory for the bridal bouitique nearest you.

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