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5 Cheap Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

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A lot of time, effort and wedding decorating money gets invested in the centerpieces of your wedding reception. Does that effort get appreciated? Most often, it does not.

So how can we get a wedding centerpiece that is less costly (in both your time and your budget) and more meaningful? Let's look at a few ideas:

  • Plants: While fish or other animals are a bit over the top for a centerpiece to take home, something such as a small plant can be quite meaningful. If you plant a number of trees when the wedding is first being planned, and you will have seedlings by the time it arrives. A meaningful flower or some other plant will fit in this role as well.
  • Photos of the Couple: Be they copies of photos from your past or special pictures you took with your wedding party on an afternoon out, pictures can carry a lot more meaning and they can be printed and mounted for a surprisingly cheap cost.
  • Baskets: Fill small baskets with samples of your favourite treats. They needn't be expensive, but they should have a story or meaning attached. Perhaps you first met over a shared love of cookies, or your first date was a movie with popcorn. A basket full of such simple things can provide meaning for you and your guests.
  • Wine: Making your own wine and using a label to commemorate your wedding can make a simple bottle of wine a memory to last forever. If the couple makes the wine themselves, it offers a personal touch, and a creative label means the bottle can be worth saving even after the wine has been drank. Remember though, package it up a bit so that the guests don't assume it's for immediate drinking.
  • The Story of how you met: Make it a small book. Everyone knows the couple in different ways. Not all guests will have met both members of the couple. A small story with pictures can let everyone know the story of how you met and make for a great conversation starter at the individual tables.

So, don't look only for candles, flowers, and glitter, go for meaning.
And if that meaning happens to be less expensive... Well, no reason you can't have your cake and eat it too. A little bit of planning and effort can give you centerpieces that will stun your wedding guests while not causing much pain for your wedding budget.

Story by Alex Conde

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