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Fingerprint Wedding Bands

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Looking for a wedding ring that is so unique, no bride in Canada will ever have? Meet Andrew English, creator of the only, truly one-of-a-kind wedding bands.

No two Fingerprint Wedding Bands can ever be alike as each ring contains an etching of your, and his, actual fingerprints. This takes the idea of customization to the extreme and allows brides to have bands matching their husbands'.

Could there be a more romantic way to express your love than by wearing each other's DNA? It's hard to find a bride – or groom – who wouldn't swoon for a ring this unique.

Andrew English is a British jewellery designer whose innovative rings are ideal for couples that prefer more conservative, yet highly sentimental, wedding bands. Each ring in the Fingerprint Wedding Band Collection is hand engraved in London, so couples with ethical concerns will feel at ease knowing they aren't supporting the mining of blood diamonds and other controversial gems.

As each ring is customized for you, you have the ability to choose every detail of your Fingerprint Wedding Band. Some brides will prefer their partner's print on the outside of their ring, while others might prefer the intimacy of keeping their engagement or wedding rings on the inner band, touching their skin directly.

The bands come in 9k, 14k and 18k white, yellow and rose gold, but Andrew English also offers the wedding bands in platinum. The wedding bands can be ordered from Canada and are available by commission only.

Story: Stella Bardot

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