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5 Tips for Perfect Bridal Makeup

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By Sara Mushansky, Vancouver Makeup and Hair Design - Put Your Best Face Forward !

  1. Make sure your artist offers a consultation service. Make your appointment for the daytime and take a picture of the look you love. Come to your consultation prepared to pay a deposit if you decide to book the artist for your big date.
  2. Approach your makeup artist with some ideas in mind. Think about the theme and style of your wedding, and the bridal concept you want to embody. Dramatic, romantic, glamorous or natural, work with your professional makeup artist to create a look that's perfectly beautiful for you.
  3. Take good care of your skin in preparation for the big day. Exfoliating, moisturizer and eye cream are essential. By preparing the canvas, you will achieve the most flawless application. Be cautious about waxing or harsh skin treatments leading up to your wedding. Make sure that your makeup artist is using only the highest quality products on your skin.
  4. Schedule your makeup application into your wedding day plan. On this very busy day, you want to find a calm, relaxed and private space for you and your bridal party to have the focus and attention of the makeup artist. This way when you greet family and friends, you will be ready to put your best face forward.
  5. Remember that you want to look great all day. Blotting papers and your favorite lipstick or gloss are a must for your wedding. Ask your artist about airbrushing, which provides a flawless finish that lasts all day long.

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