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Cheap Wedding Shoes Ideas

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Finding places to cut corners in your wedding budget is important and a good place to start is with your wedding shoes. You have probably looked at bridal shoes in the boutiques and seen they can cost hundreds of dollars. When you are talking about a pair of shoes you wear one day and that you can't see anyway, that's just too much for most Canadian brides to spend!

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Learn how to save money on your wedding shoes so you can spend a little more money on your honeymoon! There are several ways to go about finding cheap wedding shoes..

#1: Use Regular Shoes

Most shoe stores have regular shoes that are white, cream, off white, beige, and other wedding colors that would look beautiful with your dress. You can find these shoes for less than $50 and they will look perfect without breaking your budget.

#2: Borrow Shoes

If your sister or friend has married before you and still has their wedding shoes that are in your size, just borrow them! Your loved ones will be happy to loan them to you and you will save a lot of money! After the wedding, your bridal shoes just hang out in the closet anyway so borrowing is a great option.

#3: Buy Used

Auction sites, likes Craig's List or eBay, online ads, consignment shops, and more will have used bridal shoes. Usually, "used" means worn to only one wedding so they are in great shape at a fraction of the cost. Check out the bridal consignment shops closest to you to find the best bridal shoes.

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