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Are you a Bridezilla?

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A wedding is one of the most joyous occasions that someone can experience whether they are a part of the ceremony or just an attendee. Unfortunately, the stress caused from such a large undertaking can be so unbearable for a bride that her internal Incredible Hulk manages to rear its ugly head. This monster is Bridezilla.

Webster's Dictionary defines her as...
Bridezilla\ bride-zil-a - n. 1 Horrific, bulging-eyed bride prone to screaming spells and spontaneous fits of hysterical rage. Bridezilla's are known to drop blows over seating charts, get bug-eyed at the mere mention of carnations and view hurling champagne at their wedding planners as a form of hazing.

Here is a list of questions that you can ask yourself to see if YOU are a Bridezilla.

  1. Does every conversation revolve around "your wedding" plans?
  2. Is every other word that flies out of you mouth the word "wedding"?
  3. If you have a wedding planner, are they attached to your hip or programmed into the first key of your speed dial on your cell phone?
  4. Did you assign responsibilities to your bridesmaids that need to be completed by specific dates (including what nail polish colors are acceptable)?
  5. Did you ask any of your bridesmaids to lose weight before your ceremony?
  6. Did you pick out your mother, mother-n-law's and bridesmaid's dresses, as well as, all of the menswear?
  7. Did you force a wedding get together for facials and spa treatments, even though nobody wanted one and then asked them to fork out the money to pay for it?
  8. Did you force your fiance' to get a manicure and maybe even a pedicure?
  9. If you answered yes to several of these questions you are on your way to becoming a Bridezilla. Remember, your wedding should be fun and unforgettable; so make sure it is a positive experience. Relax, let the monster go, and enjoy!

    Story by Carol Callahan

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