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Cheap Gifts for your Bridemaids: Fun Ideas on a Budget

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Your bridesmaids are important: they will help you on the big day, offer moral support to you as you plan the wedding...they will even wear what you select for them without complaint...because it is your day!

When it comes to gifts for the bridesmaids, put a lot of care into making them feel great here are some inexpensive ways to thank your bridesmaids:

They've always been there for you... let them know how much you appreciate them, with our great (and cheap!) gift ideas...

Bridesmaids' gifts can be whimsical, or traditional. These are your best girlfriends, so you can express yourself more when you are shopping for them! Here are some options:

  1. Traditional: If you go the traditional route, consider bangle bracelets in sterling silver. They can be worn on your wedding day, adding a touch of glamour to their outfits: if you can afford it, engraving something special on their bracelet or pendant would a thoughtful touch.
  2. Modern: Think Sex and The City if your girlfriends are urban and flirty! Consider massage coupons or group manicures/pedicures. If you book for a group, you can negotiate a much cheaper rate. Have a cocktail first and go get gorgeous together!
  3. Inventive: Try something unique for your bridesmaids: survival kits, with the latest nail polish (to match their dresses), bobby pins, tiny bottles of fragrant lotion, and lip gloss!

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