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Boutique Bankruptcies: Buy Wedding Insurance!

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Some pretty depressing items on the news-wire this week, happily none of them from Canada!
Bridal boutiques are closing their doors all over the place. The retailers are complaining about competition by innexpensive gowns on the Internet, "credit cunch" etc.

Either way, a lot of brides are being left without their wedding dress, only weeks or even days before their wedding!

First, a story from California, where Jasmine's Bridal closed their doors after they were evicted, leaving numerous brides without their dresses. Perhaps they financed the business with a sub-prime mortage :-)

Then, the same thing being reported from England, where a Arvella Bridal declared bankruptcy, leaving 170 brides who had paid up to £2,500 each (!!) without their wedding dresses. This one almost ended up in bloodshed, as angry mobs almost lynched the store owner, who hid in a hotel and hired a body guard!!

Today, another story, also from England. This time the combination of a store fire and "credit crunch" are to blame for the closure of the Bridal Centre, in Stamford.

How can one avoid this?

One approach is to "go big". If the store is a chain, or the gown is from a well established designer, or the store advertises in many places etc. you have a sense of security. They probably have the budget to weather bad economies or you 'll be able to have a different store fullfill the same order.

But some of the nicest products out there are not from "big" companies; they are from local designers, small specialty stores etc.

You could consult with the Better Business Bureau or other similar database, but that will probably be irrelvant: the store probably had a great standing with the Bureau, up until it got into financial troubles and declared bankruptcy!

The correct approach is to (a) ORDER EARLY and also (b) BUY WEDDING INSURANCE. This way, if anything goes wrong, you have time to order another dress from somewhere else and you don't have to pay for it again - the insurance will cover it.

Here is an interesting article on wedding insurance, from the Globe & Mail. The story features Weddinguard, a Calgary-based service which, for as little as $100, insures about 10,000 weddings a year across Canada.

We do not know of another similar service, but if you do, please add a comment to this story. to share the information with everyone.

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