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Wedding Flowers for each Season

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We found this very interesting article on a blog called My Wedding Flower Bouquet. Take a second to drop by, there is a lot more interesting information there..

Unfortunately the story included no photos, so we 've linked each type of flower to a Google search - click it to see photos of each flower.

Wedding Flowers for Summer

Vivid colors look best for summer flowers.
Choose flowers that remind you of romance, late mornings and lazy afternoons such as

For an evening wedding go for exotic

  • Gloriosa lilies with their beautiful vibrant red and yellow
  • Dark pink heavenly scented stargazer lilies (remove the pollen-filled stamens before they stain clothes and fingers)

Autumn or Fall Wedding Flowers

Look for flowers in the glorious shades of bronze, burgundy and terracotta representing the season of ripeness and fullness

For a daytime wedding think of

For the evening

Winter Wedding Flowers

Look for interesting flowers than have texture and fragrance. Although white wedding flowers are well suited to winter, consider

For the evening

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