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Customize Everything.. it is YOUR Wedding..

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Today's blog theme is "customization". (Or, perhaps "personalisation")

Twenty years ago, if you could not find your dream dress/ring/cake/invitation/whatever in your city, well.. you just settled for the next best thing..

But no more!
One thing that the Internet has definitely made much easier, is to the ability to source out specialists far far away, see their work, communicate your wishes and have just about anything made and shipped right to your door.

So go ahead, read, surf, reasearch and design everything just right. I promise you, someone, somewhere can provide EXACTLY what you have in mind..

Still not a believer?

Here are some obvious examples and some rather surprising ones:

Custom Wedding Dress? Sure, that was easy..

Custom Cake? Wedding Favours? Child's play..

Try these:
Custom jewelry, to match your exact look.
Custom cake-tops, that actually look like YOU.
How about a custom wedding song, composed expecially for your wedding!

Bet you didn't think that was possible, did you :-)

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