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Zen and the Art of Table Setting

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What has struck us the most in these two photos is how well matched the two entirely different themes are, to their respective surroundings.

The first, cool and contemporary, right at home in the glass highrise, the second, elegantly traditional, perfectly matched to the classicaly-styled venue (where is that?)

Try to imagine those two reversed!

Lesson: Don't force it!
If you have a specific theme in mind, you will have to find the appropriate space.
Conversely, you may want to wait until you have booked your reception space, before you commit to your decor.

Both photos and many more like it from the excellent gallery of Montreal-based "Intimate Settings". If you're feeling creative, they even offer seminars on "The Art and the Etiquette of the Dining Table"..

For more wedding Decor specialists, in your city, look in the directory.

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