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Decor Tips: Lost in colour

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So, you have a particular colour in mind for your bridesmaids; does that colour have to resonate throughout your entire day? Should the flowers, the favours, the napkins, the groomsmen and your décor all match?

Well, that is completely up to you; however, be careful about getting to caught up in the matching game. It's great to create a theme and to use your colour strategically throughout the day but you really don't want to drown a room in one particular colour.

You can go full on with your colour of choice for the bridesmaids then use it in other areas as an accent. Layering your main colour with another is also a great way to get your theme across without painting everything pink, for example.

This wedding is a "pink" themed wedding. Notice how pink is strategically placed throughout the room. Coupled with pink bridesmaid's dresses and pink ribbons on the favours and some pink in the florals, this wedding will get across their pink motif without overdoing it.

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