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'Battle of the Brides' is Back in Victoria

Posted At : June 25, 2008 2:20 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 4,004
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For Immediate Release

Victoria, BC -- Bridal Events Marketing Group announces the return of the Battle of the Brides to Victoria with a live demonstration of the event at The Bay Centre on Thursday, July 3, in Centre Court.

The public is invited to see four "brides" in beautiful bridal gowns dive into a massive, beautifully-decorated wedding cake courtesy of Feys and Hobbs Catered Arts in search of the prize hidden inside, a pair of earrings courtesy of The Bay. The demonstration event takes place at 12:00 noon, emceed by Tessa Sam from The Zone FM.

The Bay is a major sponsor of both of the annual, exclusive bridal shows produced by Bridal Events Marketing Group at the Victoria Conference Centre. At the actual Battle of the Brides, held during the Victoria Bridal Expo on Sunday, September 14, 2008 and the Victoria Bridal Fair held Sunday, January 18, 2009, six real brides-to-be will have the opportunity to dive for diamond earrings.

"The Battle of the Brides has been very popular with attendees at our shows over the years," says Dennis Eyjolfsson of Bridal Events. "We're bringing it back this year at our bridal shows as a fun way for brides-to-be to have an opportunity to pick up beautiful, keepsake jewellery that they can wear to their own wedding. Putting on our demonstration event at The Bay Centre will show just how fun the Battle of the Brides can be."

Bridal Events Marketing Group, publisher of the annual bridal resource book Island Bride, has been producing bridal shows in Victoria for 12 years and has helped literally thousands of brides to make their wedding event dreams a reality. Battle of the Brides is an exclusive event offered only at the Victoria Bridal Expo and the Victoria Bridal Fair. Show exhibitors include photographers, caterers, travel planners, wedding planners, bridal fashion providers, registry services and more. All cater to brides-to-be towards supporting them in making their wedding event decisions in one place, under one roof. Admission to the shows is $18.00 per person. Advance tickets are available online at

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