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DIY Wedding Tips: Shoot-It-Yourself Wedding Video

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Wedding video is generally considered one of the most elaborate wedding projects and the pricey one too. But can you do it yourself? Happily, the answer is.. "Yes"! Of course this does not mean that you as a bride would have to carry a camera and to videotape your own vows. No.

Look again at your guest list. Is there anyone on the list who

  • brings the camera to every family event,
  • who can stay fairly sober since early morning through the first dance and
  • is reasonable enough to bear the responsibility of a cameraman as his or her wedding gift?
I am sure there may be two or three of such individuals.

Don't make all of them responsible: you will end up with two or three tapes that may cost you a fortune should you later decide to combine them into a single Wedding DVD. Pick the most reliable person. Invite him or her to the informal meeting (coffee, lunch, beer -- I'll leave up to you). Talk about the final video, not the process. Something like the list below.

    I want to see in my video:
  • my wedding dress on a hanger,
  • my mom helping me to put the dress on,
  • me leaving the house,
  • my future husband and his friends getting ready,
  • wide shot of the church,
  • me arriving to the church,
  • the list goes on.
.. the list goes on. Call it a shot list, make sure your designated camera person writes everything down. If any of your friends have professionally done video, watch it together and draw inspiration from all the shots you like.

Make sure he or she has at least 3 hour worth of brand new tapes, minimum of two working and fully charged batteries and a battery charger.

There is much of logistic involved in the wedding video production, i. e. where to position the camera in the church, how to record audio during the speeches, prompt addresses and timing of all the locations, and so on. You can leave it to your camera person or discuss it together.

Don't expect Hollywood style video. In the end you get what you are paying for. But if you pick reliable person, lay out all the details of the coverage and the day before the wedding remind him to charge the batteries -- you'll be covered.

Story by Andrei Filippov, the author of the Shoot-It-Yourself Wedding Video Guide (available on

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