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Bridal Gowns 2009: Mori Lee 'Blu'

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We 've been working with our bridal boutiques to compile a shortlist of exceptional wedding gowns for the 2009 season. Every year the fashion evolves, the economies change, the bridal fashion designers respond and hundreds of new designs hit the market. We 'd like to help you get started, by highlighting particular lines that represent the spirit of the season by combining good value with excellence in style.

Bella's Brides showcase: Mori Lee Blu #4202

Bridal Gown: Mori Lee Blu #4202

Nadi, from Bella's Brides, in Toronto, sent us the following recommendation. She says..

Here is one of the best styles I have ever seen and works for most of the brides, very fitted and amazing beaded work. Designed by Madeline Gardner, for her Mori Lee Blu line. You will have a look of million dollar bride for an unbelievable price.

Bridal Gown: Mori Lee Blu #4202 (back)

You can view the entire collection on Mori Lee's website.

To find the Blu line in a bridal boutique near you, use our Gown Finder, search for Mori Lee Blu.

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