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Quebec Wedding Locations: Hidden Gems

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Our search for unique, little known or interesting wedding venues brings us now to Quebec. Rich in history, diverse in culture, and varied in options both urban and rural, Quebec doesn't disappoint when scoping out those hidden gems.

Montreal wedding planner Rachel Gervais of An English Rose Wedding and Event Planning has sent us her "insider" picks for hosting a memorable wedding in Quebec.

Outdoor Wedding Locations

Manoir Grant

Montreal wedding location: Manoir Grant

The Manoir Grant in Valleyfield QC, is located approx 45 mins west of Montreal. It is a great location because it's a whole house with gardens, a large pond and water feature. It has total privacy and you have the option of an outdoor wedding, or if the weather is bad, it can be moved indoors to the upstairs part of the house. I did a fall wedding here last year and will be going back in June 2009 to do an Indian wedding.

Au Vieux Moulin

Outdoor wedding in Quebec: Au Vieux Moulin

Another fantastic location for an outdoor wedding is Au Vieux Moulin in Rigaud, about 60 min west of Montreal. This old Water Mill is set on a river amidst beautiful gardens. I am planning a wedding there next August. The ceremony, dinner and party will all be taking place outside on the lawns... the bride will have one table seating 75 guests and the DJ will be on the terrace.

Intimate & Exclussive Wedding Locations

St James Hotel

Wedding reception, near Montreal: St James Hotel

For a small, intimate, upscale wedding, the Penthouse at the St James Hotel is beautiful. It has a wonderful rooftop terrace for cocktails and the XO Restaurant is available privately for the wedding dinner. I did a same-sex wedding at this location in August with clients who came in from NY City.

Wedding Locations in QC: Reception at St James Hotel

Forest & Stream Club

Wedding Locations in QC: Forest & Stream private club

Another 'secret' is the Forest & Stream Club located on the West Island in Dorval. This is a private club; so, you would have to be referred by a member to use the premises. It is a beautiful, waterfront, old house which can accommodate weddings of approx 110 guests indoors - or up to 200 guests outdoors, in a tent."

Wedding Locations in QC: Forest & Stream private club wedding reception

As a Canadian bride, you are fortunate to have at your disposal stunning natural settings, or vibrant urban venues to host your most special day. The above locations offer a perfect balance between nature and history lending themselves to events that are truly memorable.

Often times, finding that perfect venue may take you outside your city limits. If you do decide to book a location that requires a fair amount of driving, consider having your ceremony nearby to cut the down on the travelling time between locations. You and your guests will be happy you did!

Story by Petroula Kletas,
Many thanks to Rachel Gervais, An English Rose Wedding and Event Planning, for her research and suggestions.

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